Casino Themed House Parties (Poker Nights) in Austin Texas

Elite Casino Events of Austin TX is the best event planning company in the Austin region. We do what we can in order to bring everything right to your home. We are experts in casino house parties, which means we can transform your home or even your office into a casino for your special event, regardless of the type of event you are throwing. Most people dread your run of the mill office parties, and most of the time guests are expected to look as if they are having a good time, as well as being able to maintain a certain demeanor in front of their bosses. If you want to show your employees you appreciate them, and want them to relax and have fun, then organizing a poker night in the workplace is a great idea.

In home poker nights may be of interest to you. This means that we can create a casino right at your home. This is perfect for birthday parties, as well as bachelor parties. Our casino house parties are exciting and they feel like a real casino. There is no need to worry about staff and equipment because we take care of all that. We can make your home feel just like a Las Vegas casino.

Poker Nights

Our poker nights are great because they will allow you, as well as your guests to start having fun right away. There is no waiting around for transportation or having your guests spend money on very pricey hotel rooms. In matter of fact our casino nights are far cheaper than a night out in Vegas or even Atlanta City. Also, at traditional casinos the hosts can sometimes control how much people can bet, as well as how much alcohol they can consume.

we also bring excellent equipment to your venue, and this equipment is just as good as traditional casinos’ equipment. We don’t need to use flashy equipment, and we have many different types of gaming machines, which means your home or office will feel like the real thing. Our dealers are also not entertainers, they are the real deal, and they take their work very seriously.

It doesn’t matter how big of a casino party you want, because we can cater to your needs. We have a lot of experience with working private parties, as well as benefits for organizations and even experience with working with very large businesses. If you wish to do so, we can even provide more entertainment, and this includes DJs and magicians. We do our best to make sure that your party will be one that nobody will ever forget.