Casino Themed Fundraisers, Non-Profit Galas, and more

A Casino Night fundraiser from Elite Casino Events in Austin, TX is a great way to raise working capital for your non-profit organization. A casino themed gala has all the excitement of a real gaming venue including slot machines, blackjack, craps, and roulette. Your guests will have an evening to remember, and they will also reap the satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause. 

Elite Casino Events is proud to join the Austin, TX business community to provide quality private fundraising events. We take care of all the planning and details so that your non-profit can present an elegant evening of fun. Casino nights are one of the most popular forms of fundraising, and they can produce wonderful benefits that go beyond raising capital. We work to create a profitable scenario with our events, but we also stress having fun. Your guests will enjoy being able to interact with your staff and fellow supporters. It is our goal to provide exceptional stewardship of your fundraising event in every regard. 


Elite Casino Events prides itself on being the best option for non-profit fundraising. Our events are modeled after the gaming action provided by casinos in Las Vegas, Macau, and Monte Carlo. We support our clients through each stage of organizing and hosting a successful non-profit event. Our services include trained table dealers, Las Vegas-style dancers and entertainment, live music, and exquisite dining. We can even accommodate most special requests that you may have. 

We are able to deliver an outstanding event regardless of the size of your venue. Our team is skilled at providing maximum fun in whatever space you have available. Your guests will rave about their experience long after the event has concluded, and many of our clients choose to make their Casino Night fundraiser an annual event. Our events provide an excellent return on investment, and they also help to create donor loyalty. 

Contact Elite Casino Events today so that we can begin planning your special event. We'll help you present an amazing evening of entertainment, and we'll also put a spotlight on the mission of your non-profit. Your guests will dance the night away, enjoy great casino games, and contribute to your noble work.